Our Puppy Raising Philosophy is Different.

We raise our puppies in our home with daily socialization with us and our kids and exposure to the sounds and smells of everyday living.


We wholeheartedly believe that puppies that will grow up to be family companions need to be well socialized and exposed to stimulus before they go home. Most breeders are very hands-off with the puppies, but we handle each and every puppy from birth. Our Early Neutral Stimulation program gives their brains a head start and begins making positive connections from day one. Our Puppy Culture program is a controlled exposure to any and all stimulus that they might encounter in the future before puppies develop their fear responses. Studies have shown that this exposure creates a solid, well mannered and confident adult dog.



Unlike most breeders, Our Puppies are not kept in kennels day-in and day-out. Puppies are hand raised in our home with consistent touch, stimulation and exposure to children, noises, dogs and other animals. We firmly believe that early socialization leads to a much more secure and confident german shepherd dog. Learn More

Early Neural Stimulation

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a method of applying gentle stressors to puppies from their first days of life. This method is used by the US Military when raising Working Dogs. Years of research has shown ENS produces dogs with stronger cardio vascular response, stronger adrenal glands, increased resistance to diseases, and improved responses to stress. Learn More

Puppy Culture

Puppy culture is a gold standard of puppy rearing program in the breeding world. It is a series of age appropriate exercises and experiences that has been shown to produce confident dogs. The puppies have shown to have less behavioral issues, be able to adapt to change more quickly and create a stronger lasting bond with their new owners. Learn More

Are you thinking about getting a puppy?

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Puppy Application

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