New Puppy Shopping List

Puppy Food

After trying basically every single dog food available on island, I finally settled on Victors. It came highly recommended by some GSD breeders in performance dog sports and Victor’s is made in the USA.

They’ve never had a recall, which is super impressive and have really high quality ingredients for a really good price.

I’ve noticed that my puppies thrive on this food, my dogs coats are shinier and stools and consistently firm. I highly recommend using Victors from weaning through adulthood.

Unfortunately it’s not available locally but you can purchase it from Amazon or Chewy.com

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Crate & Potty Training

Potty training is 1000% easier with a crate for overnight.

Dogs are cave animals, they enjoy having their own private dark space to sleep. They also refuse to poop where they sleep so as long as they’re allowed out in age appropriate intervals and their crate is sectioned off to be small enough for them, they will wait until you let them out to go potty.

That being said, I’ve successfully potty trained one of my pups without a crate so it’s totally doable if you’re vigilant about taking them out to potty.

I recommend a minimum size of 42″ for female GSDs and 48″ for males. Look for a crate that comes with a puppy divider so you can make the crate smaller to help with potty training.

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Washable mat for your furry friend to cozy up in their crate
This one fits the crate above

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Crate cover to make their crate feel cozy like a cave. I like this one because it has flaps for a two door crate and lots of options for opening some light.

Our puppies have a crate with this cover on it in their pen and most of them choose to sleep inside. It has 3 sides covered and one side open.

A normal blanket works just fine for this purpose as well!

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Pee pads are a new puppy essential.

Although we teach our puppies to go potty outside, they won’t be fully potty trained when they go home. It usually takes several weeks until they are able to communicate and go potty reliably outside.

Offering Pee Pads in the puppy’s indoor area helps to deter pee in unwanted areas.

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Carpet spray for potty accidents.
Target, Walmart and most grocery stores carry some form of carpet spray foam for pets.

If you have carpet and a puppy, you’ll be happy to have some on hand!

Amazon doesn’t ship aerosols so pick some up locally.