Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We’re located in Kaneohe on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

When will my puppy go home?

Puppies will go home when they reach 8 weeks old. The reason we wait until 8 weeks is to ensure that the puppies have grown appropriately, are fully weaned from their mama and also so that their personalities are able to develop a bit so we can do our best to match them with the right home. We always reserve the right to hold a puppy or an entire litter if they need more attention or time to grow before they’re ready to go home. This doesn’t happen often, but it can happen.

What goes into the cost of an Ethically Bred German Shepherd Puppy?

Breeding excellent Health Tested Puppies is an incredibly expensive and time consuming endeavor, especially in Hawaii. Here’s an excellent article by Good Dog that really gives a great breakdown of all the costs involved: https://www.gooddog.com/learning-center/cost-of-a-puppy-from-a-responsible-breeder.

We price our dogs as reasonably as possible. If you can’t afford a well-bred German Shepherd Dog right now, we highly suggest waiting until you can. Back Yard Breeders (BYBs) that sell puppies for cheap do no health testing, no temperament testing and give no guarantees. A poorly bred GSD may end up costing you much more money and heartbreak in the long term.

Unfortunately, the German Shepherd Dog is very prone to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia as well as Degenerative myelopathy if bred without proper concern to DNA and Genetic Matching. In order to ensure healthy puppies, we throughly health test all our Breeding Dogs with DNA testing and OFA Hip and Elbow x-ray and analysis to do all we can to ensure that our puppies live a long, healthy life.

Do you offer Shipping to Outer Islands?

Yes! We ship to OGG, LIH, ITO and KOA airports. The shipping fee is $250 and includes the flight, all paperwork and booking, handling fees and a kennel that is yours to keep.

Do you offer Shipping outside of Hawaii?

Yes, we can ship throughout the US and even internationally but please give us a call or shoot us an email to get a quote as prices change often. We prefer not to ship puppies, so we might decline a sale if there is too much demand locally. You’re always welcome to fly into Honolulu International Airport and pick up your puppy: we can meet you at the airport if you’d like. We always prioritize sales to our local Hawaii islands first.

I made a deposit but I’ve changed my mind. What happens now?

Deposits are refundable. This is because although a considerable amount of work goes into evaluating families, matching puppies and communicating with you; we also want to make sure that all our puppies go to committed individuals. If you’ve decided that the timing of your puppy doesn’t work with your current situation, you may use your deposit for a future litter of your choice from our breeding program or if you’ve decided that a puppy is not right for you, we will issue you a full refund if notified before your puppy is pick up.

Do you offer Stud Services?

No, I’m sorry. We do not offer our males for stud.

What are German Shepherd Puppies like?

Puppies are adorable and so much fun but training them also take a significant time investment, especially from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age. These two months are critical times to teach your puppy your “house rules,” what behaviors are okay and which are not in your home. A common issue that our clients express is biting. Puppies play with their littermates and explore their world with their mouths and will need to be taught consistently that biting is not okay. Most puppies also aren’t capable of becoming 100% potty trained until 12 weeks of age so you’ll need to be prepared to have patience and lots of puppy pads on hand.

The good news though is that the puppy months are the best time to really bond with your dog and build up trust that will last throughout their lives!

Is a German Shepherd Dog right for me?

The German Shepherd Breed originated from pre WWI herding dogs from countryside farms. Their job was to herd cattle, sheep and to protect the farm. As the German Shepherd dogs were bred in Germany throughout the 1900’s, these working characteristics were amplified through selective breeding.

As such, German Shepherds need a Job to do and structured rules. A family companion is definitely a suitable job. Don’t be surprised when your shepherd follows you into the bathroom or guards the door as you enter a room. Their family is their pack and they are fiercely loyal.

German Shepherds also require a good amount of exercise. If you’re hoping to raise your dog in an apartment or very small yard, expect to walk and fetch with them twice a day. A bored German Shepherd (puppies especially) can be destructive, chewing on furniture and other items . It’s important to supply engagement, exercise and allow them to do their job. Crate training is a very useful tool to curb unwanted behavior when they are unsupervised.

My Puppy’s ears still aren’t up. Are they going to stay floppy?

We have never produced a puppy with floppy ears yet. Floppy ears are a rare German Shepherd trait, but it can happen. Often, German Shepherd puppies will have floppy ears throughout their teething process and will last until 5-6 months of age. If you’re concerned about your pup’s ears you can feed them extra raw bones as chewing activates the muscles that raise the ears.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

Of course! You can text or call us at 808-796-4133, email us at oahugermanshepherds@gmail.com or send us a message on the contact us page. Feel free to ask us any questions you can think of 🙂